Developing History

  • In 2013,

     the division of metal surface treatment became a wholly owned subsidiary independently

  • In 2012,

    the division of chemical reagent, water-based resin, tea polyphenols became the wholly owned subsidiary independently

  • In 2010,

    founded EmpireChem Investment Fund focusing on investment in chemical new materials

  • In 2009,

    successfully researched key additives to ballpoint pen ink and produced in domestics

  • In 2008,

    provided cleaning and maintenance products for the World Expo in Shanghai

  • In 2007,

    successfully researched A23A inkjet printer ink additives, made a breakthrough on foreign technology blockade, got National Innovation Fund, in the same year, set up the R&D Center, approved as a doctor workstation in Shanghai

  • In 2006,

    successfully developed and researched Sweltering Blackening Agent, obtained the National Innovation Fund and applied for a patent

  • In 2004,

    the first one to successfully research Nickel Aminosulfonate, got the national patent, and be a nominated supplier for National Mint; moreover in the same year, researched Conjugated Linoleic Acid successfully, obtained the National Innovation Fund, an

  • In 2003,

    produced Tea Polyphenols that can prevent cancer

  • In 2001,

    to establish the department of metal surface treatment for providing comprehensive solutions for domestics enterprises

  • In 2000,

    the first manufacturer for Water-based Resin and become a leading enterprise in chemical reagent

  • In 1988,

    to set up the chemical reagent workshop

  • In 1986,

    founded by the director and R&D personnel in Shanghai Chemical Coating Institute